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Lauren Halsey's Kingdom Splurge, Ma Forever Thang

  • The Studio Museum in Harlem 144 West 125th Street New York, NY, 10027 United States (map)

Come experience 2014–2015 artist in residence Lauren Halsey's multi-sensory table on 125th Street, where Halsey will engage with the public by presenting readings, music, pictures and objects that extend from her ongoing “Kingdom Splurge” project. Amidst the vibrant vendor-pedestrian culture of this main thoroughfare of Harlem, Halsey’s table will also be the setting for visits from special guests from the neighborhood.

Kingdom Splurge is an infinite project of endless becoming that entails liberation through Funk, fantasy architecture and the experimental development of space: gardens, lawns, vacant lots, churches, liquor stores, parking lots. The Kingdom is interested in the collective well-being of the neighborhood in which it lives. The Kingdom constitutes a fantasyscape for people and creatures (ie. fish, butterflies, birds, etc.) to inhabit in complete freedom-- spatially and creatively, alongside representations of moments in nature, crystals, l.e.d.s, lasers, holograms and nomadic sculptures. Kingdom Splurge is a space of hypothesis for proposing new beginnings that are articulated through sculptures and environments built with what already exists in neighborhoods. The goal is community building—to revalue ephemera and existing forms (architecture, local businesses, gang tags, signage, etc.) as a method of restyling space. Previous iterations of Kingdom Splurge privileged visual artmaking and building over subtle composite forms that the environmental experience also produces: audio, poetry, short stories, Funkifestos, archives, inspirational notes, photos, videos.

—Lauren Halsey