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Studio Squared: Views from 125th Street

Studio Squared is a series of informal art-making workshops aimed at making a wide range of studio practices accessible to adult audiences. Each workshop focuses on a particular theme and creative process inspired by our exhibitions, and explores methods of creative production through an experiential approach.

Drawing inspiration from Rodney McMillian: Views of Main Street, this program highlights McMillian's procedural and transformative approach to post-consumer objects. Led by teaching artists Ginny Huo and Oscar Cornejo, this hands-on workshop and walking tour of Harlem's 125th Street will begin in the Theatre with a brief introduction to McMillian's practice, and move on to concretize some foundations in his work by prompting participants to select modular pieces that will later serve as a sculptural base. We will then take to 125th Street, which will serve as inspiration and conceptual space in which to re-imagine our chosen materials out of their original context, and in relation to a specific, cultural environment. Next, the program will return to the Museum, where participants will transform or modify objects through a variety of techniques involving paint, adhesives and other methods of subtle alteration. The workshop will culminate with a walkthrough of the exhibition, where guests will gain a greater understanding of their creations in relation to McMillian's ongoing investigations of the intersections of race, class, gender and socioeconomic policy.