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Studio Screen: ¡Pa'lante, Siempre Pa'lante! at Maysles Cinema

Join us for a special screening of ¡Pa'lante, Siempre Pa'lante! (1996, 48 mins) in the second installment of our Studio Screen partnership with Maysles Cinema. In the midst of the African American liberation struggle, protests to end the Vietnam War and the women's movement for equality, the Young Lords Party emerged, raising a militant voice for the empowerment of Puerto Ricans and other Latino/as in the United States. Through intimate conversations with former members and archival footage, the documentary surveys Puerto Rican history as well as the Young Lords's political vision and legacy. The screening will be followed by a talkback session with the film's director, Iris Morales, highlighting her experience as one of the first female members of the Young Lords as well as her work capturing the organization's history in film and the recently published Through the Eyes of Rebel Women.

Drawing thematic inspiration from two of the Museum's current exhibitions, Circa 1970 and The Window and the Breaking of the Window, this nonfiction film series addresses the on- and off-screen legacies of socially engaged cultural movements of the 1970s. Presented in partnership with Maysles Cinema, the selected films highlight the methods and leaders people turn to when everyday injustices move them to protest. Each screening will be followed by a talkback session featuring local community organizers, and serve as a space for intergenerational reflection on contemporary protest practices and the ways history is ever-present.

Admission is a $10 suggested donation. All proceeds from the screening will support the Cinema at Maysles Documentary Center, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the exhibition and production of documentary films that inspire dialogue and action.