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The Artist's Voice: EJ Hill

On the occasion of Tenses: Artists in Residence 2015–16, join 2015–16 artist-in-residence EJ Hill and cultural critic, historian and performance studies scholar Tavia Nyong'o as they discuss performance and the body as a dynamic site of radical dialogue.

In this program, visitors will first join Hill in the galleries as he concludes the daily performance element of his work, A Monumental Offering of Potential Energy (2016). The work places him atop a plywood platform imbedded in the sculpture, which resembles a classic wooden roller coaster. Embodying the abstracted vehicle for which the track is laid, Hill's physical presence in the work is undeniable and a central part of a 512-hour long performance that runs the course of the exhibition. Guests will then join Hill and Nyong'o in the Theatre for a public dialogue and Q&A segment, where the value, visibility and richness of black bodies and black lives will be discussed.